Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ramble on Rhodes

joie lubbers photography 

Ramble on Rhodes 
Reaching a point of confidence to publicly open this blog was not an easy [rhode] to travel... but what an exciting one! 

Never have I ever thought I would be a blogger. Or write a blog ever. Or write...anything... At all again..besides to-do lists, grocery lists, and birthday cards. But here we are and here I am and here is my blog. Welcome! 

I'm a wife, pharmacist, fitness/health/nutrition enthusiast that's loving life as a Georgia peach, island living, beautifying, confident in Christ, twenty something year old. My claim to fame is my love for ice cream, shrimp, eye-lids, and Taylor Swift. I may be the queen of car karaoke and improv public dancing (with or without music). 

Continuing on... This blog started as an idea, on a [rhode] {get it? That word will probably always be written like that, it's a clever bloggers tip, so I've heard...} 

Ok, so I'm on a rhode...running and chatting with God about life---where I've been, where I'm going, what I want, who I am. Then I realized... That's a lot of "me". I heard God saying that  all of this is about Him. Not me. And then I heard Him tell me to start a blog. So I did. It sounds so strange in black and white but I know it was just something I needed to do. Since then, it's been a collection of secret iPad notes that I've quietly written of experiences I want to remember, meal plans & recipes, beauty photos, and stories I think may mean something to me or others. But now I think it's finally time to hit the open rhode and just do this thing. 

I want each reader here to experience confidence. To own their identity. To be comfortable, happy, and inspired in who they are. It's taken me traveling winding rhodes to notice progress in the work God's doing in me; but the experiences and beauty of recognizing who I am in Him has led me to a place of being able to now share it with others. 

My goal is ultimately to provide a mirror to see and begin to accept the reflection of your own beauty, confidence, and identity both internally and externally. 
I only hope my words, stories, recipes, advice, suggestions, pictures, etc. will be an enjoying excerpt from your day that leads you to contemplate your own opinions, beauty, philosophies, lifestyle, etc. 

 I hope maybe I challenge old ways of thinking , only in the best way, to help you ignore the lies and confusions that can cloud the mirrors reflecting your beauty. Learning to love yourself, own your decisions, stay motivated towards goals, have peace with your body, and enjoy nutrition is a long but rewarding process---that I think a lot of us are going through. 

If I can be the smallest tool on that journey for you, like so so so many have been for me, then my crazy stories (and slight embarrassment) will be worth it. So stay on your rhode. I'm on it with you. We're doing this life together :) 

This is also a disclaimer that I can ramble-- so scroll through pictures, get some take aways, leave comments, and ignore anything you'd like. This is about you :)