Wednesday, August 12, 2015

He > She 

1 Thessalonians 5:13-15 
 "Get along among yourselves, each of you doing your part. Our counsel is that you warn the freeloaders to get a move on. Gently encourage the stragglers, and reach out for the exhausted, pulling them to their feet. Be patient with each person, attentive to individual needs. And be careful that when you get on each other’s nerves you don’t snap at each other. Look for the best in each other, and always do your best to bring it out."

I'm going through the She Reads Truth "Bible in a Year" plan and came upon this passage. If you're also completing this plan you may not have read this passage this week.. I'm a little behind (currently on march 24 25 now). But progress is progress and I've been on a streak lately so maybe I'm more so on the track of "Bible in a Year plus 4 months". 

Regardless, I feel like maybe someone can relate to my thoughts on my struggle with being the kind of loving person God commands in this passage. 

Getting along with others is not easy for me. I feel like I am constantly picturing this girl in my head that I want to be in regards to my daily relationships. This is her: 

She is a pharmacist that loves most every customer. 
She is friendly, engaging, and genuine in her interactions. 
She is calm and patient and never gets angry with patients. 
She is humble. 
She laughs off the drama (I was told last week that I was a criminal and being taken to court over a prescription discrepancy--this is real life y'all). 
She leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. 
This list goes on. 

I just keep striving to be this girl and sometimes feel an almost daily reminder of how I've failed at that. Although, I am continually reminded of the beauty of God's grace; I still find myself asking, "God, why is it so hard for me to love like You LOVE."

But maybe perfection and being a complete picture of that "she" isn't want HE is wanting from me. 

 The journey might be the place God is bringing me to. I may never feel like the warm, encouraging friend all of the time but I can pick one friend each day to be an encourager to. I may not be the one to recognize everyone's individual needs but I can daily think of one need I could meet for someone else. I am not the most patient person, but I can try to remember those extra 3 seconds before talking with someone to say my mental prayer for patience. 

I will never be the "she's" I have created in my head. I will always be the she God has designed me to be. That she is real. 

She sins.
She gets angry quickly and argues with herself about why she's angry.
She's short tempered.
She doesn't always speak of and love herself or others as God commands. 
She eats treats from other peoples pantries.  

Yet, God's grace is enough for that "she" too. He can use her. He can allow her to make God-sized impacts through her small choices. He can turn one word of encouragement into an abounding confidence. He can amplify moments of patience into a calming peace. 

I think my point is that sometimes it's easy to get caught up in seeing a goal or a picture of who we want to be and becoming fixated on that "person". It's great for us to want to be a better version of ourselves but that takes time and steps and daily growth. Instead of being frustrated in the failure to be the perfect "she"- focus on the faith of God's love changing you one interaction at a time--> one step at a time, one person at a time, one encouraging word at a time. Don't underestimate how He can use you while on your rhode to becoming the "she" you strive to be. 

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  1. Wise words. You make me proud. Love and miss you! Aunt Bren