Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It's Getting Hot in Herre...So take off... Cut Off All Your Hair

Moving and surviving the south Georgia summers warranted some lifestyle changes: to my wardrobe (hello! ONLY summer and fall attire), my energy bill (sooo many showers), and peace out long hair (short hair don't care).

I loved my recent loss of about 8 inches. My neck can now handle up-do's without being sore, I can walk across the street without pouring sweat, and I can make it through a workout without a 5 lb weight ponytail. However, even with this adjustment, my morning routine was shortened but not shortened quite enough (can I get an AMEN from the forever late girls). 

 After morning workouts, devotion, meal prep for the day, etc. I get behind so easily. Here are some of the best tips I've come up with to handle the "1 more minute please" blues.


I love them. I have so many. They make for a quick transition from workout to workplace (dry shampoo and perfume needed). I jump in the shower, pull back my headband and wet the sweaty hairline, apply dry shampoo once out, then switch out headbands. It's like a "spidey-suit" transition for your hair.

Headband looks from workouts, beach days, work, & even formal events- Options are ENDLESS 

Headbands+ Dry Shampoo+ Perfume = Post Workout Princess Hair 

Hint: Try headbands different ways to create different "styles" with the same accessory.  Place workout bands right under your hairline for a 'sporty' look. Try placing thin bands lightly over the crown of your head to create a 'princess' look for dressier occasions, or pull down to mid forehead for a 'bohemian' babe vibe.

Grab & Go Simple Breakfasts 

If i'm running late, my eggs+ protein+ veggie combo usually gets the cut. My favorite go-to protein sources are Turkey Jerky, Quest Bars, Muscle Combat Bars, or a Chicken Breast (already grilled from the beginning of the week and waiting in a Tupperware) + fruit.

Muscle Combat Bars 
- Best Flavors: Cinnamon Roll, White Chocolate Raspberry, and the NEW Birthday Cake. 
- Higher in carbs, not dairy free, but REALLY REALLY good 

Quest Bars
- Termed as the "fit girl" addiction 
- Best Flavors: Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Raspberry, Cinnamon Roll 
- Best if heated up and eaten as a "dough" consistency or re-baked into cookies or crusts 
- Equal macros for protein & carbs 
- Does contain artificial sweeteners and a lot of fiber 
- Highly Additcting 

Beef & Turkey Perky Jerky 
-My FAVORITE go-to snack 
-REAL food and mostly organic ingredients
- I don't even like beef jerky very much but am addicted to this 
-Very high in protein and great protein:carb ratio 
- Tender, flavorful, easy snack option 
- Smells like jerky, people not eating it don't like this. They're just jealous. 

Outfit Remixes

There's a few strategies to keep the daily "what not to wear" routine to a minimum. I am a clothes hoarder and will legit "save" outfits for optimal wear and exposure time.  Repeating outfits is a fear I'm slowly trying to overcome-but making progress with the use of accessories (more blog posts to come on this).  Confession: I will always pick comfort over cute and sometimes it's shameful (I wear croc ballet flats everyday- Help Felicia!).

I start by trying to plan each days outfit while in the shower; if I don't get it narrowed down, I think about previous outfits and how I could change them up. Use a different necklace, add a headband to change the "style",  throw on my glasses, add a layer.. anything to make the "look" different enough that I stay stylish without reminding people of a failed sequel (Bring It On 2-style).

Dress: Wedding guest look- heels, pink earrings, elegant hair-do transitioned to cookout casual with flats, belt, ponytail
One Strap Shirt: Beach night blues with blue jean shorts, blue coral necklace, beachy-waves hair transitioned to date night with palooza pants, teal necklace, wedges, and glasses 
Left: New Years Eve Concert: boots for comfort, glam eye shadow for celebration, and party poof hair-do
Right: Bachelorette Party: wedges, one-side pony, Kate Spade clutch & (can't see) long pink earrings 

Options are vast and require a bit of creativity which makes fashion an art. I'm no artist but I love a good outfit transition. I wish I had more pictures of how each of these pieces above can and have also been incorporated into workplace wear. My goal is to get better at some outfit/accessorizing inspiration pics (bring on the selfies). Sometimes creepin' on other's looks leads to the most creative of my own. 

I hope these tips help you get to work in a more timely manner than I usually do. Either way: 

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