Saturday, August 15, 2015

Shrimp Stories  

Every Thursday night, a group of us go a local coffee shop called Palm Coast to listen to live jazz music. We love watching our favorite band Tonic Blue, play on the outside patio. This weekly tradition draws about 10-20 us enjoying life together! 

I love a restaurant with fresh foods but also filling portions and tons of flavor; the dinner menu is ahhhhhh-maze-ing. Legit, if you are visiting St. Simons Island, GA, it's one of my top 5 restaurants ever!

My go-to is the Thai Chicken Wrap but as a salad... so I end up scratching the wrap & chicken. Meaning, I get a huge plate of spinach leaves, carrots, cucumbers, and sprouts. The best part: the dressing- a spicy peanut tinted Asian piece of heaven. 

After a few weeks of ordering this I started thinking... How good would this be with shrimp?

[Side Note- I have a shrimp obsession. I eat fresh shrimp like I'm paid to do it. It's a slight problem. Example: I may have gone through 7 pounds in 1 week.]

Eventually, I said to heck with it and decided to start bringing my shrimp in a Tupperware in my purse as my own [pocket book protein].

Result: mind.blownNow I'm obsessed with this self created Thai Tupperware salad. I get it literally every time, every week. The waiter knows me by name and order.

My objective here isn't to talk about my favorite dinner, but to share about my rhode to owning my own advice of "you be you" and how home-brought "shrimps" led me there.

I went through a phase where I was very self conscious of others opinions, especially regarding food. Of what I ate, how much I ate, if I finished what I ate, etc. (I have no idea why I thought people cared about those silly things- but I did.)

At first, I would only bring Tupperware when just Ben and I were eating. I eventually progressed to doing so if I was with just one to two 'select' friends that already knew I was crazy.

Surprisingly, the waiters didn't mind at all (they understood my meat allergy?) perfectly lol. 

But all our friends?... That's different. 
What if they say something? What if they think it's because I'm snobby or being a health freak again? 

It took a few weeks but finally I said, "just do it. Own it. Eat that salad, bring that shrimp."

So I did it. 

And....... no one cares.

I got a few looks but we all just laughed. Now, every week when I arrive I'm asked if I've got my shrimp? It's become a joke with us all and I love it. I'm accepted for who I am and I think it makes me weird but in a good different way-- like "Yep! that's Heather, and she brings pocket book shrimps." 

It's so possible to stay on track with healthy choices and stay social, happy, and full. 

Don't think I'm advocating bringing Tupperware into every meal you eat out; but if you want to be a part of social events and enjoy restaurants and time with friends- just do it. 

Make it work for you. You're able to do all of those and stay on track with your goals. A few of the girls that use my meal planning services plan their day around a glass of wine during these Thursday nights together. 

The moral of this story: sometimes it's ok to be that.girl. It's ok to bring your Tupperware to dinner. It's ok to enjoy your night and order that glass of bubbly. It's ok to eat a salad or a sandwich with fries; just be aware of how it works with your plan to reach your goals. Don't be so restrictive that you miss out on life's memories. 

It took me a while to get to a place where I was confident enough to own my choices, to make plans work for me not my meal plan, and to finally bring my shrimp. 

Make your memories and your meals your own. 

Shrimpy sal.YOU.tations

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