Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Week Without Blogging & This Is All I've Got

Life Things

I feel like I have yet to do a blog thats just blogging (or writing) about my life. Having a record of my life to look back on was another reason I decided to start this blog. I sometimes think that no one will really care and if you don't- I get it. I probably wouldn't either.. now you have time to go clean a room in your house and get off the internet. For my own sake, Heather,  here's whats been happening in your life :)

Saturday 8/22 -Girls Night!

Here's what you wore:
You didn't clean your mirror or bathroom. Your selfies need work. 

Here's what you ate:

Ember- Ester Pizza 
Woodfire Pizza Crust: Red Spinach, Artichoke Hearts, Arugula, EVOO-Lemon
You had a lot of fun.

Sunday 8/23- Your BFF got Engaged! 

You now get to plan all her wedding events and live vicariously through her. YaY!

Monday 8/24- Your First Open Mic Night

Obligatory picture: 

You sang with Jeremiah and you think y'all did pretty well. Voice Clip Video Below:

Jeremiah & Heather Hallelujah

The plan is to work on some songs and keep this up! You're thinking of offering to play weddings, events, etc. to anyone reading your blog thats interested :)

Tuesday-Friday 8/25-8/28

You ate some really good things. Pics & Recipes Below.

Mock Pumpkin Pie- Basic White Girl Style 

-Heat Quest Bar and save to crumble on top 
- Mix all ingredients and cook at ~350 for 12-ish minutes 

Crazy Combo Bowls 

Chicken, Squash, Avocado, Nectarine, Shredded Raw Coconut, Balsamic Glaze Drizzle, topped with Terra Sweet Potato Chips 
Egg Whites, Sundried Tomatoes, Squash, Asparagus, Fresh Crab Meat (1 oz Canned from Harris Teeter Seafood Market) , Topped with Terra Sweet Potato Chips

New Favorite Starbs Drink

Matcha Powder (Green Tea- 1 scoop) + Water + 2 SF Vanilla Pumps 

Shrimp on Shrimp on Shrimp 

BCAA Pre/Post Workout Drink 

Branched Chain Amino Acids are taken to help restore electrolytes and aid in muscle recovery. Optimum Nutrition carries a pre-made drink perfect for quick hydration. Watermelon Flavor is INSANELY good. It's recommended to half the drink between pre and post workout since it has caffeine. (I can't tell a huge difference, but if you love BCAA this is worth a try) 

Fri-Sun 8/28-9/30 --> Maria's Bachelorette Weekend! 

A weekend spent with 16 other killer girls at a friend from pharmacy school, Maria's  Bachelorette Party in Savannah, GA. You spent the weekend catching up and getting down (on the dance floor-duh).  

my life...just had to...

This week of living life was really good.

I don't have any super insightful thoughts or advice or things to share this week besides just me. Maybe you now will pull out some orange patterned shorts and pair it with your 3rd millionth slinky black shirt for a night out, maybe you'll go and eat some shrimps tonight, or maybe you will be inspired to live life balanced, happy, and doing things you love (even if they're scary--open mic night whatttt). Either way, I hope you were entertained for a little bit and thanks for letting me share my life journal :)

Side Note- shout out to Owen for his awesome encouragement to keep up my blogging :)

ps--> he's single ladies 

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