Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Mouth: Where Diets Come to Die 

My Eats, Experiences, & Encouragement 

I'm guilty of being a diet-ho. In my opinion.

I hate to even say it- buttttt I cheat on diets, jump around between diets, and abandon diets without a second thought.

I will go dairy-free for a few weeks, then not so much.
I was a vegetarian for 8 months, then needed more protein and went full out opposite to paleo-ish, then moved to "macros" and am currently floating between all of the above.

My dieting "evolves" is how I like to term it. Better yet, I don't like the word [diet] at all- nutrition philosophy is my latest term. I know I do not have a full grasp on my philosophy yet. I am still experimenting, evolving, and eating lots of different combinations to find the best "health" for me in terms of muscle growth, strength, performance, energy, endurance, and weight. The web of my complicated opinions on nutrition is open-minded and insane

That being said, right now I follow "IIFYM" (If It Fits Your Macros).  I track my food intake to reach daily macronutrient amounts. Macronutrients (macros) are fat, protein, and carbohydrates. I eat a specified amount (in grams) of these three nutrients each day regardless of calories. Since grams of macronutrients can be converted to calories, if consistent with your macro amounts, your calories will also trend towards consistency. I have an amazing coach, Katie Ringley- from Katie'sFitScript, that assists with macro adjustments, training, and diet.
Katie Ringley- KatiesFitScript
She has really awesome and simple advice about what IIFYM or Macronutrients are, as well as training plans for workouts, half marathons, full marathons, triathlons, etc.:


I am not advocating that this is a perfect [diet] or even the best way of living. This is just a tool I'm using at this point in my journey. I've increased the amount of food I eat to better fuel workouts and training without weight gain but actually with weight loss. It's helped break the cycle of food restriction (eating anything I wanted for 2-3 days, then restricting to super low calorie, all raw, only "healthy" foods for 2-3 days).

I feel balance. Mentally, it aligns with my OCD, rule-following self... but I recognize not everyone enjoys that.  I honestly can't say I plan to track macronutrients forever, or that I don't still have "dietary restrictions", but I am making progress and enjoying food, performance, and results.

I do NOT want to share this to push a "lifestyle" on anyone. 

My point is to encourage everyone else that feels like they are too promiscuous with diets--> that IT'S OK. 
[The first step is admittance]
[We've all got a little Miley Cyrus in us]

Just know someone else has been there. You're not alone. It sucks to have to explain to friends and family, "oh yeah, I'm not vegetarian anymore bring on the proteins" or "my 21 day fix broke at day 3"...

But sometimes that's life. It's doubtful anyone would be able to be super strict 100% of the time to any diet without compelling reasons fueling their decision. It's nearly impossible to be "chemical free" in our society, as literally everything (unless it was grass fed, killed last night, hunted and gathered) will have some form of "unnatural" or "processed" ingredient.

People that diet jump get a bad rep and can be looked at as "failures" for not pushing through, staying motivated and sticking with it. But again, sometimes thats life. And more likely than not, each of us has been there in some aspect.

No one makes progress without failures. The first time you decide to "diet" is not going to be a magical spell that changes your mind and body into permanently following a set of rules that you've most likely only been exposed to for a few weeks before committing to. 

AND THATS OK. You've decided to make a decision and take some form of action to better your health. AND THATS GOOD!

When it comes to diets and what you're eating... here it comes... you. be. you.

If you want to cycle between vegan/paleo/hunter gatherer/shrimp watchers/donut craig/ ice-cream only diets each week then do it. But I encourage you to know why you're choosing to "diet".

Weight loss? Ok- lets look at small changes  that would last longer than 30 days to change your lifestyle.

Physical Health? Ok- lets look at what you're already eating and make substitutions that involve more whole, nutrient rich, unprocessed foods.

Abs? Ok- jkdsjfkjsdfksdfk they're so annoying and will lead you on and never commit to staying around. Screw Em'. 

Acne Relief? Ok- lets pull the studies and find the food restrictions we should  implement under controlled circumstances to explore the cause of the inflammation and radical damage leading to acne formation.

You just want to eat donuts and ice-cream all day? Ok-do that and after 3 days you'll be over it and breaking up with that diet like it's Adam Levine with the personality of a grapefruit.
So here are my tips: 
- Don't pick just another "diet" to hang out with for a few days--> do some research, write your goals, and align them with some small changes to implement daily.

- Track the days you're able to stick with them, if after 14 days you've stuck with them more days than not, challenge yourself to make it to 30.

- Track your results.

- Stick with things that align results with your goals.

- Accept and own the PROCESS.

BUT, If you do pick a 30 day diet and quit after 3, its ok to give yourself some grace. Don't let fear of someone else's opinion of your "lack of commitment" or  "failure again" keep you from trying to next thing.
It's hard to share the mental challenges and changes of chasing a "healthy" lifestyle but you're going through the process for you.

You're eating or not eating the foods, you're tracking your progress, you're making and reaching your goals... therefore..you do not have to explain or justify anything you eat to anyone. ever. so own it.

you be you.  


  1. Amen sister. You are an encourager!

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