Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wedding Tour 2015: lessons from hot people & cold coffee

Wedding Tour 2015 

Lessons from a month of weddings. 
I literally spent 9 months of 2015 looking forward to September. I knew I would get to watch so many amazing people start their lives together. Blah, Blah, Blah... I was really just super excited to show off  my dance moves. and eat cake. so. much. cake. 
But really, 3 weekends in a row of weddings was a whirl-wind and amazing. I was surprised by the things I learned from these experiences. And really, they don't have much to do with marriage. Just Life. 

1. Growing up is required; Growing apart isn't. 
So many people talk about how much they miss college and how those were "the good old days." 
I see it differently. 

We're getting to watch the people who shaped who we are go through life and its really really exciting. We watch them grow and love and change. We get to enjoy new experiences together- marriages, proposals, babies, buying houses, buying businesses, creating professional careers. We get to support the evolution of our favorite people, encourage them, learn more about them, and continue enjoying them. 

Even though usually growing up comes with distances in miles- I have a new appreciation for how much technology allows those miles to shorten.  I really want to be better at conitnuing to appreciate and value the people I get to CONTINUE doing life with.  

2. PEOPLE can be your passion.
One of the weddings we attended in New York, resulted in some of best memories of this year. Not only did we get to experience life in one of my new favorite places, Saratoga, New York, I saw friendships that left an impression on my heart. 

Our friend Kristin served as an amazing host and watching her life those 3 days opened my eyes to how much I desire to be a friend like she is. She is literally passionate about each of her friends. They're a real family. She's excited to talk to each one of them on the phone (real talking- not texting- like voice to voice). I want to be that passionate about my friends, strangers, and just people. It was such an encouragement so be reminded of this. 

3. Expresso + Gelato is heaven sent. My for real new obsession. We went to a cute gelato shop in the downtown area, Saratoga Gelato and I devoured the vanilla gelato + expresso (which is technically called an Affogato). Life changed. I made sure we went back there one two more times for my treat. Next time you're at a fro-yo shop with this option--> I encourage you to go for it! 

Or you can make your own! 
I would use the Starbucks Cold Brew Expresso (which can be purchased at most grocery stores)  + any vanilla ice-cream (1 scoop). You could also try it with an iced americano from Starbucks + frozen yogurt or ice-cream.  

Short and Sweet for this Tuesday
but I hope maybe you now will spend some time today thinking about: 

WHO can be your passion this week
WHO you can catch up with (or send that text to, or dial those numbers for a real phone call) 
WHO you could invest in

People matter. Life together is important. Friendships are more important than really anything else. Make your tuesday mean something. And if you don't feel like it.. drink some expresso + ice-cream and make it happen :) People are worth it. Always. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Welcome to New York


September 24-28 
Ben and I went to New York.. for 3 days.. and video taped very little but wanted to give this video blog life a shot. I tried to edit and create a short memory clip for us and others to enjoy. Bare with me at my first attempt here.