Monday, November 2, 2015

This One Time We Played Truth or Dare.. And Now.. We Have This...

" Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works." Hebrews 10:24

TRUTH: Around 70% of my time spent in ALL of my 6-9pm MBA classes was on stylemepretty/pintrest/theknot, etc.. looking at weddings, planning a wedding (that was like 5 years into my future), planning everyone else's wedding.... Visions of peplums, tulle, confetti, and glitter danced in my head. We all thought symptoms of such wedding intoxication would subside with the execution of my own wedding and a life of wedding sobriety would ensue.... I'm now 2.5 years post wedding and I may still have a problem.

TRUTH: I Love Weddings.

So.... I did something about it... Keep reading to find out what...

Ben and I reflect on our wedding and re-live the moments often. I bring out the full videography from ceremony to sparkler exit on our anniversary each year. BUT one of the best tangible memories we have from our once in a lifetime moment is our footage from the Guestbox. 

The Guestbox is a video booth, rented by the event hosts, and set-up for guests entertainment at special events (weddings, proms, retirement parties, graduation parties, corporate events, corporate christmas parties, etc). Everyone wins because after the hilarious moments in the booth are recorded- a montage of footage is pieced together to create a memorable video highlight reel of the best performances. 

Before entering the booth--> the guest picks a TRUTH or DARE card-->they then enter the solitude of the tent, read their chosen task, and perform. 

What happens inside the tent, stays inside the tent---- except it doesn't---at all--and that's where wonderful happens.

We LOVE having this video to share with friends, families, and reminisce on all the amazing people, times, and obvious fun that was had on our special day. It helps that we can't stop laughing uncontrollably every time we watch it.. mainly because it reminds us of each specific friend,  it captures their personalities, and it strengthens our love through the constant memory of how much love and support our marriage has from our friends and family.
We actually loved this service and product so much.. that we decided- it's going to be our first child! We've adopted the Guestbox and have revived the services! 

Our wedding was the final wedding for the Guestbox in 2013 (but there were many before us, we could spend hours watching them all- here) and since it has been "resting" for it's big return to business. The original owners experienced a season of life filled with little humans & another growing business (The Big Fake Wedding), which caused them to halt business at the Guestbox. Ironically, this happened on the brink of popularity in the wedding industry. Check out Buzzfeed's recognition of how unique and awesome this idea is... 

A few other wedding guru's have also seen the potential for mad memory making through a one-of-a kind entertainment opportunity for guests. 
SO! All of this means that... The Guestbox is back in business! We're now booking weddings for 2016! And we couldn't be more excited. We can't wait to invest in each and every couple, company, friend, family member, stranger, ice-cream corporation (please?!) that has interest in including this booth at their next event. 

Marriage is so important-- if our services can help build up marriages through a reminder to be kept forever of the friends, love, family, support, and laughs during this life season- our job is fulfilled. 

People are so important-- don't underestimate the value of a tangible memory of the smiles, jokes, dance moves, confessions, and love shared in moments of hilarity. 

Fun is so important- don't miss opportunities to encourage friends to tell truths, belt it out, share embarrassing stores, and dance like no one is watching (because really no one is.. until the video's released) 

Now here's your DARE: Tell all your friends! Check out MORE videos!! Visit the website! 
Contact us now :) 

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