Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Something We Can't Say This Enough

Once again... I'm behind... but it is never too late to say Thank YOU! 

If you followed my Facebook updates, you'll know that we held an "adoption party" for fundraising earlier this month. I wanted to write a quick post about the INCREDIBLE blessing this event was as a part of our journey. 

Through the adoption process (especially the beginning) I was researching EVERYTHING  about ways to fundraise.. this idea wasn't on any lists or blogs I found so I also want to share our details to serve as encouragement and possibly innovation for others walking through the fundraising process to mimic. 

We planned our party in a very short time.. and in all honesty the true planner was our beloved friend 💛Bird. Legit.. He was our backbone.. entirely!!!

Food, location, and drinks were donated (thanks to Bubba Garcias & Southern Soul--> check them out) as well as silent auction items.  

Our friends Tonic Blue offered to play jazz music for guests, while we ensured the college football games would all be playing on the TVs. (Georgia College Ball is no joke...) 

The items for silent auction were all gathered within a week or two -- gift cards to local businesses (shout out omcore yoga.. seriously.. the best yoga studio like EVER ✌), cooler, night stay & dinner at local hotel, and gift basket put together by my sister. Some were requested and some were offered without even asking because sweet owners wanted to support us! (This was AMAZING, to have people offer services and products on their own accord to show their contribution and support) 

We advertised solely on facebook and word of mouth. We told everyone- the gym, co-workers, church groups, family, etc. then asked them to tell all their friends too! We posted the event on FB and asked our friends to share. (again, all of this was at no cost) 

To raise funds we charged $20 a person for party entry, food, and drink. $ was given upon entry and we kept donation boxes available through the location. And thats really all there was to it. 

BUT big things happened! Ben and I were COMPLETELY overwhelmed with our community surrounding us with such love, support, and encouragement. We truly felt the Lord moving through OUR friends, OUR community, OUR favorite places all for OUR baby👶 and their birth mom. It seems inadequate to describe how immensely our hearts were flooded with love, excitement, friendship, and community. 

The morning of the party I had an amount on my heart to pray specifically for- I shared this with a few of our warriors that have committed to walking alongside us in prayer and Ben. He felt the same-- that we were praying for an amount that was MORE than we thought possible- we had to leave room for God to move and DREAM BIG. At the end of the day, God had provided that amount! For those considering using this template for their own journey of fundraising (and since the funds are not our own but we're simply funneling them to accomplish the Lord's work) our total raised from the party was $4,000. 

Image: Wherethereslove.com
This entire journey of fundraising has been small uphill battles that arrive and feel like I am being presented with the anxiety, sometimes the grief, and feelings of doubt BUT each time God has shown me that He is our source, He makes us conquerers, He is fighting for us and our baby. 

And I cant say it enough. Not even close to enough. BUT THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU to each and every person! 

Stay tuned for more on our continuing fundraising, FAQ post, blogs on the money breakdown, and baby updates :) 

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