Monday, December 11, 2017

Fundraising Info & Update

Fundraising Info!
There has been such an outpouring of support from friends, family, and community; we have been blown away!  (I think you will read me repeat this over and over for the next few months:) 

I wanted to provide a little more information regarding our fundraiser, answering common questions we've received and sharing our hearts for this cause!

This past year our hearts and eyes have been opened to God revealing His character to us in new ways. God is a fighter for the oppressed-- not in just a caring way but with the heart and spirit of a warrior, a protector, a provider. He calls us to represent His heart through caring, protecting, fighting for the poor, the widowed, the fatherless.  

"He executes justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the sojourner, giving him food and clothing" Deuteronomy 10:18 

We know that adoption matters because it is a part of WHO God is. We have no greater command than any believer, simply God has placed a plan on our hearts that we are trusting Him to bring into fruition. 

This means that the hearts and lives of all believers are integral to supporting adoption in a way God places on their hearts. One truth we have clung to through this process is that we have done nothing God did not do solely FOR us. 

The funds we have thus far are not ours, the funds we have left to acquire are not ours---God is using us as vessels to accomplish His plans of protection, provision, justice, greatness, and overwhelming love for a child that He created. In order to steward our responsibility well, we wanted to be sure we did not skip or cheapen the process for our benefit. 

We view the money of this adoption as that of protection and provision for a child and their birth mother (or father, family, etc.). 

The consultants we are working with turn no considering mother away. They meet her needs regardless of completion of an adoption plan, they provide, they love, they support her and her family unconditionally. This continues post placement through counseling and continued connection with birth mothers. Showing the heart of Jesus is a pillar of this organization. We also chose an agency for our home study that advocates for birth mothers on every level. Adoption is not a way for a family to "get" a child- it is a way for a mother to experience the love of a God that sees her and meets her where she is as a protector, a warrior, a provider (and this is accomplished through each and every heart that gives, shares, talk, advocates for adoption). 

That is why we are choosing to communally fundraise. We want to use our voices well in this process, for so many more reasons than just the precious child we are allowed to steward.  

It is my hope to continue sharing the incredible ways adoption reflects God's heart to those facing unwanted pregnancy and all affected by it; and to vulnerably and humbly share are continued needs as we try to serve well and diligently through this process! 

Things to Know :) 

- We are able to directly receive donations through Venmo: ben-rhodes-3 

- Our fundraising platform, PureCharity, is tax deductible!!! .. meaning any donation is given a tax deductible receipt.. aka.. get those funds in before the end of the year

- If you know of or have any gifts/services to be used for fundraising or giveaways, we are 100% open and grateful! This includes ideas for fundraisers, etc. 

- Please continue sharing our story and posts! 

-At the time of matching (we are hoping this to be Jan/Feb 2018.. aka SOON!!!) we have to provide our agency with a picture from our bank account, with the funds, showing we have raised enough to complete to process. We are praying HARD that this is accomplished by then and trusting for miracles :) 

-We have had some family members recognize that their companies match donations given to pure charity. In doing so, be sure you and your company use our ID: FUN267433