About Me

I'm Heather Rhodes- a wife, pharmacist, typical basic twenty something year old trying to make it down the Rhodes of life [in one piece]. I'm striving to humbly serve a gracious God & a good-looking man. I'm a cross fitting blend of a runner/triathlete with a little yogi on the side. I'm passionate about food in a 'healthy' kind of way-->  balancing real foods, a real life, and really big bowls of ice-cream. I'm constantly encouraging others with the saying "You Be You". I want women to rejoice in the beauty of confidence and self realization. I want women to grow towards their passions in uninhibited ways; as I struggle through learning to do the same. My hope is that in some way my "Rhodes" of life intertwining with yours will be the push you need to "own it" and just be YOU.

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