More Natural" Chocolate Covered Banana Bites & Dark Chocolate Shavings 
- 170 grams of banana (this was 2 medium sized bananas for me) 
- unsweetened cocoa powder 
- 1 1/4 tablespoon coconut oil 
- 1 teaspoon coconut palm sugar 

Cut banana into slices and set aside. In a small bowl, mix sugar, cocoa powder, and coconut oil--> microwave (~6-10 seconds) until liquid and stir. 

Spray a plate or flat pan with coconut oil; you can then either dip each piece  into the chocolate coating then place onto plate or place all bananas on plate and pour liquid over until all are coated (only do this option if using a plate with a dipped center, to avoid a kitchen disaster).  

Once fully coated, place plate in freezer for 1-2 hours. Then remove from freezer and with a sharp knife, scrape bananas one by on off plate. They may not come up easily and the coating will break into small shreds (this is good because the chocolate sauce is pretty strong, so a 3/4 coated bite is perfect). 

I saved my extra coating left on the plate and used it as shavings to top my deserts with-- um so good! 
Macros per bite (1f/3c/0.2p)- makes appr. 17 

"Dreather" (Drunk Heather) Special
- 3 Lemon Slices 
- Water 
- Vodka of Choice (favorites- rainbow sherbet, peach, mango sorbet) 

This low calorie alcoholic option is perfect for tracking macros, keeping them low, and getting a little boost of the juice to get you low on the flo' (dance flo' that is). It's also really light and refreshing, so perfect for a cookout! 

Macros per drink with 1 shot of vodka (4f/9c/0p) 
* Macros for alcohol can be calculated various ways. See Katie's FitScript Blog Post on Macros for Booze or a quick go-to of Macros For Your Favorites

Tofu Noodle Chicken Parm 
*Disclaimer- this kinda isn't chicken parm. But its really good!
- 6 oz. chicken
- 1 serving (60mL) Pizza Sauce
- 1 bag Tofu Noodles
- 14g Mozzarella Style Almond Cheese Shreds
- Spices- Red Pepper Flakes, Onion & Garlic, Italian Spices, Flavor God Garlic

-Cut up chicken and pan "fry" in coconut oil until lightly brown. Add spices of choice. Splash it with balsamic vinegar and continue cooking until slightly "reduced" or has dark coloring.

-Boil tofu noodles in water for 3-5 minutes (this step isn't necessary, I just do it because I think it sometimes helps with the texture and taste to more closely mimic real pasta)

- Drain noodles and place in bowl. Add pizza sauce + more spices. Add chicken. Top with cheese.

More Recipes with Pics To Come Soon 

Cilantro Cauliflower Rice (almost as good as Chipotle) 
- 1 cauliflower head or 1 bag of frozen cauliflower
          *If frozen, defrost and boil first

- Take cauliflower heads (cut up) and put in food processor until “riced” 

- Spray skillet with coconut oil 

- Place 2 cilantro frozen herb cubes (or just your own fresh cilantro) in pan 

- Add 1/3 tbs of earth spread butter (or butter substitute) 

- Place desired amount of cauliflower in pan

- Spray generously with more coconut oil 

- Cover skillet with lid 

- Frequently stir to keep the cauliflower from sticking/burning to pan 

- After ~ 7 minutes splash with lime juice and/or taco seasonings

- Let sit in skillet with lid and no heat~ 3 minutes

- Add desired spices and enjoy!

Ground Turkey Tacos/Chipotle Bowls 
- In a bowl start with base of cilantro cauliflower rice 

- Top with 4oz ground turkey cooked in taco seasoning

- Add 1-2 tablespoons of greek yogurt (for dairy free, use 10g coconut milk waxy top of can goo) 

- Add veggies (spinach leaves, peppers, onions, tomato, pico) 

- Add 30 grams of fruit (mango, pineapple, corn) 

- If needing some extra fats... add 15 grams of diced avocado 

*optional- low carb tortilla for tacos  

Bun-less Burger 

- 4oz lean beef (96%) mixed with 3tsp Egg Whites and cooked like a burger (on grill or in pan) 

- PALEO Chef ketchup – 1 tsp 

- Go Veggie! cheese slice 

Goes perfect with a side of --> 1 serving frozen butternut squash with ½ tsp honey 
Macros for meal ( 8f/17c/28p) 

Mock-Outback Alice Springs Chicken 

- 4oz. chicken 

- Go Veggie! cheese slice 

- 1tsp honey mustard (Annie's Organic) 

- 1 tsp BBQ sauce (Stubbs Original) 

- Mushrooms 

- 1 slice turkey bacon 

Cook chicken in skillet with coconut oil spray until cooked through but not "too done". Take out of skillet and place in oiled baking dish. Top chicken with slice of bacon. Place cheese slice on next. Then finalize with honey mustard and BBQ sauce. Bake at 350* until bacon appears cooked and cheese is melted. 

Macros (8f/6c/40p) 

Bacon/Egg/Cheese  Open Face(First) SanWISH 

- 1 slice turkey bacon

- 1 slice cheese (Go Veggie!)   or use Kraft Fat Free to save fat macros

- 1 slice Ezekiel Bread (cinnamon raisin) (or 75g sweet potato cut into two thick slices to act as the bun) 

- 1 egg  or  6 egg whites

- ½ tsp Melt honey butter spread

Spray skillet with coconut oil. Place butter in pan. Put bread in skillet and cook lightly on each side. While toasting bread, cook egg/whites in separate skillet and microwave or pan cook bacon. Place egg on top of bread. Then add bacon and top with cheese slice. 

Macros (16f/19c/14p) (Sweet potato 16f/16c/14p) 

Turkey Meatballs + Sauce & Almond Green Beans 

Making the meatballs: 

- Mix 4oz extra lean turkey with 1 egg, salt, pepper, sprinkle of coconut flour. 

- Roll meat into meatballs of desired size. Spray with coconut oil. Bake in oven at 400- flipping every 8 or so minutes until all sides brown. (You may need to broil for a few minutes to get extra crispy) 

Sauce for meatballs: 

-  1 teaspoon blackberry preserves + 2 teaspoons paleo chef ketchup+ worshesire, soy sauce, A1, and a little mustard. 

- Combine in a sauce pan and mix until well heated. 

- Add finished meatballs to pan. 

Macros for Meatballs with Sauce (6f/11c/32p) 

Perfect to side with: 

- 1 serving green beans + 4g coconut oil + 6g peanut butter + ½ tsp coconut palm sugar + salt & pepper . Mix together and microwave! 

- Sprinkle with slivered almonds. 

Macros ( 9f/4c/3p) 

Protein powder Topping (for popcorn, waffles, cupcakes, ice-cream) 

- ¼ serving or scoop of protein powder of choice, mix with 1 teaspoon of water (may need more to get desired consistency)

- Add 1 drop of extract (almond, coconut, butter)

- Add ¼ serving (2grams) of Vanilla Fat Free/Sugar Free pudding mix

- Mix with 5grams of cream cheese

- Stir all ingredients together. Mix well and microwave 7 seconds. 

“Hot Fudge” Ice-cream Topping 

- 1 tablespoon of PB2

-Add small amounts of cashew or almond milk until about the consistency of runny pancake batter.

-  Microwave 7 seconds. 

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