Rhode Revelations

I've been thinkin' I been thinkin' 

I'm currently training for the Savannah Rock n' Roll Half Marathon. This will be my first half marathon though I trained for this exact race last year and injured my calf 4 weeks prior to competing. A calf injury... yea I know....  

Needless to say, this year,  I. AM. DETERMINED. 
I'll make it to the race and through the race. It helps that I have a great friend doing it with me and pushing me the whole way through training. 

I'll post a section soon on my workouts, including how I am balancing half training with consistent cross-fitting, yoga, and staying *fairly* in shape with swim/bike triathlon work. It's a lot but I'm working on my "right balance" of it all. 

Since I've been running a lot, I noticed I have so many thoughts and decisions, goals, ideas that pass through my mind in the hours on the rhode. Sometimes it feels like these are my moments of clarity throughout the week. I've decided to use this blog as a place to journal some of these thoughts.  

I listen to podcasts of sermons, paleo and food psychology talk shows, and occasionally just music while completing my runs. This leads to a lot of different influences into my rhode-way thinking while running but I think sharing and recording some of these thoughts could be beneficial.  So check in for updates on what craziness comes in and goes out of this brain of mine while being deprived of oxygen for 7-13 miles :) 

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